Breaking the Willow 鳳冠情事

Yonfan楊凡|Hong Kong香港|2003|110’|Mandarin國語
ZHANG Jiqing張繼清|WANG Fang王芳|ZHAO Wenlin趙文林

• Venice Film International Festival 威尼斯國際電影節

About Story

In this film, his only documentary, Yonfan explores the world of kunqu -- considered by many to be the most exquisite form of Chinese opera with its refined blending of drama, dance, poetry, and music in this intricate and intimate look at the stage production, BREAKING THE WILLOWS. The story centers on a phoenix coronet, a crown worn by aristocratic ladies in ancient China, connecting two Chinese women belonging to different eras and different classes. With a visual richness and cinematic grace rarely seen in a documentary, Yonfan captures the magic of the taichi-style movements and resplendent costumes as brought to life by kunqu stars ZHANG Jiqing, WANG Fang, and ZHAO Wenlin, performers whose mastery of the art has elevated them to the status of Chinese national treasures.